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I had planned to write about my experiences and memories of being in hospital for today's post, but then, one of the lovely ladies I talk to on Twitter posted this little picture and it made me think a lot about my past and my future.

For so long now, I've been longing for my past life. Being unable to work or see friends and still living at home because you have no money is a pretty rubbish way to live - at this age anyway. I want to be living it up and enjoying the last years of my youth before I hit the dreaded 3-0.

I've been looking at lots of photos recently which have made me remember back to nights out or being at concerts with friends. I feel like so much time has passed by since then. These times were so much fun, spent giggling with friends and dancing till all hours of the next day. Drinking as much as we could, listening to music and having fun. Gigs where we would rave away or rock out and then spend the next day not moving from hangovers. Even remembering back to times at work, admittedly spent being stressed out and never having enough time in the day, but being around people every day and working hard to climb that ladder.

I feel like I have grown up so much since these times. I am different. I look at the world from a different perspective now and certainly do not worry about the things I used to. Most days I would worry about work or something daft like what to wear at the weekend. But now it's the important things that matter. My health comes first and obviously my friends and family. Being in this situation buffers out the little things. I do worry about times to come but from this is making me look forward and forget the past.

The past is now a memory. I had some great times but I have many more great times to come.