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Dearest endometriosis,

My closest and yet, most loathed acquaintance.

I have finally decided to face you. To talk to you and find out why... Why? Why? Why?... So many questions. I also write in a bid that you will indeed get the message and leave me alone forever, for you're not welcome here. I never invited you - you turned up out of no where, took me by surprise and took up residence in my uterus. I get no rent from you even though you seem to have spread your weight around and have now invaded my diaphragm. What about me? Do you not think about anyone but yourself? You are one selfish disease. You invade someones life and then laugh in the face of science and reason. You resist treatments and take decisions upon yourself.

Why did you choose me? I realise my uterus must feel like a nice, cosy abode to bed down in at the end of each hard working day, but seriously, why me? What makes my uterus different to the next woman in line? How do you decide where to invade? Why do you insist on making me so unhappy everyday and why, why, why do you make it so hard to have a tiny little baby to love and cherish forever?

I know it's your life and your job to create such chaos but you are a hateful, ugly thing that actually just needs destroying. You make my life hell. I hate you. I want you gone... Stop laughing at me! I'm being serious. No more fun and games now, you've had your time in there, and now is the time to leave.

You'll be out on a limb in the cold midst of winter while I recover from your incessant torture in the warmth of a safe hospital soon. Soon indeed. The time is coming.

I will overcome your power. I will no longer be in your harsh grasp.

Yours now but not forever.