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Today's I want to talk about whether it is right or wrong to talk about your health on Facebook because this is something I have had to face over the past few years.

It may be different with other heath issues, but when you have something that no one knows about, you feel compelled to tell people (in some ways to justify what has been happening) and try and raise as much awareness about it as you can. I've never forced any information in peoples faces, just the odd thing here or there about how I've been feeling, but quite often I've seen people on there complaining about too much information in peoples status' and moaning about not wanting to read things like that.

When I started writing the blog properly, I began to realise that in some ways I didn't want to share this with my 'friends' on Facebook. I didn't want the judgement from them. So, instead, I started a Facebook 'fan page' where people could get updates on me and the blog - and if you don't 'like' the page then you don't have to see anything I post. I invited all of my 'friends' to the join the page, not hoping they would 'like' it but just to read the word endometriosis, but some, a meagre few, did like it and comment regularly. I now realise that these people are the ones who care about me and want to know what is going on in my life (don't get me started on a Facebook rant right now!).

I really think it's important to raise awareness of lesser known illnesses, and even for well known conditions, things are different for every person who has it so surely it's better to share information than to not talk at all?

I've come to the conclusion that some people are just far too ignorant to care. I used to think they were just sensitive and I was throwing it in there faces but no, now I know they just don't care.

I know it can be difficult to talk about the problems you are going through, especially if they are very personal issues, but just use your own common sense. Make sure the timing is right and if you want to say something, then say it. People out there need to know about real problems in this world not (just) about who should win X Factor or who has got a hangover. And I agree that Facebook is the same as any other social platform and should be a fun place as well as a level for more personal outbursts, but hey, if you were sat around a table with a bunch of friends, would they, your real friends, expect you to just give a constant barrage of jokes or would they want you to talk to them about real life things - like friends do?