Endometriosis: my life with you, or EMLWY as I often refer to it, is a very personal account of my life with severe endometriosis. I've struggled with the disease since the age of 12, but wasn't diagnosed until I was 21. In February 2012, a flare up meant I had to go on long term sick leave and after being made redundant in the same year, I've been unable to work since. To add to all that, over the years, my health problems have evolved and I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ischaemic colitis and osteopenia. I've also battled bouts of depression and anxiety along with joint and nerve issues, 'endometriosis related pain' and infertility. In 2014, after 2 years of trying to conceive with a blocked fallopian tube and irreversible internal damage due to scarring and adhesions, we embarked on our first and, thankfully, only round of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and in the same year we welcomed a beautiful baby boy in to our lives.

Aside from my health, my name is Shireen and I'm now in my thirties. I live in a little village in the middle of England with my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel and our little boy, Hunter Ace. Daniel has been my rock since we became an item in 2010 and all of this, this horrible disease, has become his struggle too, but we work through it together and sometimes I wonder how I would ever cope without him and his loving support.

I know EMLWY features personal writing, and sometimes you may not want to read about some of the things I write about, but my goal is spread as much awareness about this terrible disease as possible. Please keep reading - the personal, sometimes gory, detailing doesn't feature in every post, and it means a lot to know that someone in the world is reading and supporting everything that I (amongst millions of other women) am going through.