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For today's post I've decided to share some art that has been inspired by endometriosis. Most of these images have been created by women living with endometriosis but some can simply be linked to the disease through your own interpretations.

Jodie, the lady behind the Facebook and Twitter pages for Endometriosis Awareness Through Art, kindly let me use some of the images she has gathered to show here... Thank you Jodie and thank you to the artists themselves for sharing and creating their work.

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Adelaide Damoah is a British artist and Writer who suffers from endometriosis. She uses her artwork to raise awareness of endometriosis. You can view more of Adelaide's work on her website.

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Created by Kaye Sedgwick who has recently set up the Roses of Endometriosis project which is working to raise awareness of endometriosis. Kaye, a UK based designer, was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago and has since worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the disease alongside Endometriosis UK and The Endometriosis She Trust UK. You can read more about Kaye over at her site.

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Created by Helen Tupper who states: "This represents how a muscle spasm feels. It is a hot fiery ball of pulsating pain which is wrapped up in barbed wires. It is very difficult to break the ball up. The wire bands feel like barbed wires so that when I try to exercise or work on the spasms, the tight bands become tighter and sharper. Pain is trying to win again by putting the tight bands around each spasm."

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Created by Cynthia Yolland who states: "This is an expression of the two worlds that is pain, especially in hidden syndromes and chronic pain. There is the outer world that is normal. "You look wonderful", then the turmoil that is going on inside. I wanted to take the pain out of the hidden box and shake it, then show it to my doctors, and my family and friends. In fact, a copy of this picture is part of my medical records."

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These fibre art pieces were created by Abigail Doan and later pinned on Pinterest where someone commented to say that it reminded them of the adhesions that endometriosis causes.

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Created by Urban Idealist Art and Design, this piece is called the "Story of my Pain" and illustrates the artists now nearly daily struggle with endometriosis.

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From a series created by Margaret Kalms entitled "Period Piece", an exhibition that shows the many aspects of menstruation, in particular the pain and indignity experienced by women. You can view more of the exhibition here which included photos depicting endometriosis.

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These paintings were shared by Tina McCurdy on the Endometriosis Awareness Through Art Facebook page. They were created years before her diagnosis, but the turmoil that this disease can cause is evident in both pieces.

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From an Online Arts Project, created by Tricia, a Creative Arts Therapist, who has also experienced life with endometriosis. These particular pieces were created by "Betty" and you can read her story of living with endometriosis and view more of her art work here.

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This is a piece created by Kelli Rossetti - still in progress, but very simple and effective.

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This is a mixed media piece created by Megan Wilson.

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Created by Nicole and shared on Amanda's website, a lady living with endometriosis. Amanda also has a YouTube channel for raising more awareness.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I think it's lovely to see some of the creativity that comes out of this disease - finally a positive!

Do any of you ladies have creative outlets to distract you from the pain and distress endometriosis can cause?