I've been pretty busy this evening and with not feeling good it's left me feeling more than a little whacked!

I mentioned in my last personal post that I was having problems with my period. Well, on Thursday it finally made a proper appearance, and boy, did it make up for lost time! It was ridiculously heavy but then it decided to stop again yesterday evening and since then I've been back to nothing. I did my second pregnancy test before my period started up properly on Thursday and it was another negative so I think it's just being a pain in the bum! My tummy is so swollen up it feels like it could burst at any moment!... And it's not just the fact that it's huge, it's hard as well and pulling any clothes over it hurts. I've been on my full amounts of tablets since yesterday though (Tramadol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and half a dose of Nefopam) and they are really helping with the pain.

I've just been taking it easy the last few days and I've mainly been sat in bed watching films all day, everyday, this week. I spent Tuesday at my mama's house which was much needed because she always looks after me! We've got a lot of problems going on within the family at the moment which is really taking it's toll on all of us so it's nice when we can all pull together and support each other.

Yesterday, after dosing up on all my tablets and sticking a heat pad to my clothes, me and Danny ventured in to town for an hour or so just for a quick wander around the shops. We got a free Elf DVD from HMV with an O2 Priority Moments voucher which was nice and I made the rounds in one of my favourite charity shops and managed to pick up some vintage finds - a beautiful blouse and a leather handbag!

I gave up dairy again this week. I had been a little more easy going on the diet for a few weeks, having a little bit of cheese here and there if I wanted it but I didn't feel very healthy being back on it - actually I just felt like a big fat lazy bum! - so I've come off it again. It doesn't have any effect on my endometriosis but I do feel better already. It's quite nice to be able to find healthier, lower fat versions of foods I'd usually eat or try new things. Tonight I made a dairy free dinner for my dad and Danny and we all enjoyed it. I might post a photo on my Instagram... Maybe. We are just sat down now with some snacks and movies. We watched Men in Black 3 earlier and now we are on to Chernobyl Diaries - which is thoroughly scaring the life out of me!

Tomorrow, if my tum allows it, me and Danny are hitting a car boot (since we haven't been to one in months now) and then going to visit Bunty's grave as it's her birthday on Monday.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good weekend!