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I've never really had to plan holidays or any travels with regard to my endometriosis before this year. It was always just one of those things that would get in the way. I'd look forward to something, finally being able to get away for a much needed holiday, or even a day out shopping and without a doubt my period would show up and along with that, the incessant pain.

Things this year have been a little different since my pain has upped it's game and has left me not able to do much at all. We have managed to get out for a few day trips and little breaks away but a big summer holiday abroad was out of the question this year - partly down to money but mostly down to the pain I've been in and if something happened with my health while I was away.

Anytime we have wanted to plan anything, we have had to plan around me and my period. Usually, I can somewhat cope with the pain and discomfort. But the week of my period is a complete no go. Most of the time I can't even really plan anything in advance because it comes down to how I'm feeling on the day.

For today's post I thought I'd share a few tips for travelling when you have endometriosis...

1. If you are planning anything you need to know when your period is due. I try and make plans for the weeks around my period because I know that I won't be able to do much when it arrives. This may not be always possible but if you know when it's due you can at least prepare for what's to come.

2. Remember your medication! I cannot stress this enough! I actually get a little panicked now if I leave the house without my meds because I'm in a mess without them. Make sure that your prescription is renewed in time to cover your needs and that when you leave the house you have enough tablets on you to not only cover the times that you need them but enough to cover you in case you are out longer than expected.

3. Pack comfortable clothing for the days where you feel bloated and don't want anything pressing on your tummy. Also make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing for when you're travelling.

4. Relax as much as possible. If I know I have something coming up, a day out shopping or a night out, whatever it may be, I make sure I leave time to rest and re-energise before and after. It's not always possible to do this but try and make the time. Sit down while you are out and take things slowly. If I don't rest, then it catches up on me and can put me out for days. Remember to pack a book or take your iPod too, these are all things that can help you kick back, especially if you have had a stressful day.

5. Plan your days according to how you feel. We try and alternate our plans so that one day we'll do something a little more energetic than the next day so that on that day I can recuperate a little and be ready to do something a bit more energetic again the next day. You need to be able to find a balance between the activity time and relaxation time.

6. Communicate to the people you are travelling with. It can be difficult when friends or family want to do something that you don't feel your body can take. But explain to them and hopefully you might be able to find a happy medium. But, remember, whether it be on a holiday or a day out, that it's their time out too.

7. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself! This is time taken away from your pain and misery, time to do something fun, relax and chill out. Find the goodness in the situation, even if you can't do anything energetic, sitting down in a cafe with a hot tea can be just as nice.

I hope these few things help you when you next have a day out or a break away... Do you have any tips for travelling?