I haven't written a personal post for a while so thought I'd just give you a quick catch up with what's been happening recently.

As per usual, I've not been up to too much. I mentioned previously that I'd been in a lot of pain and that's still there. It got so bad last weekend that I was all ready to go to the hospital with it. My aches and pains have been very strange recently - they haven't felt like my usual pains and so I've not been able to cope with them in the same ways as I would usually. My left hip is aching so badly all the time and it's affecting the way I walk and sleep. It feels like there is something on it all the time. Even now while I'm sat in a big comfy chair typing this, it's aching like mad. I've been on extra tablets and it's been controlling it but not really taking it away.

I wouldn't mind all these things so much if I could sleep properly but I can't get comfy in bed because of my hip so cannot sleep too long... Though I am so exhausted I feel I could sleep forever.

I managed to have a bit of a night out last Monday as me, Danny and some friends went to see Steel Panther live in Nottingham. It was a brilliant gig, absolutely hilarious, and it was great to be able to spend time with my friends again but I've definitely suffered for it this week. I'm stuck in tonight as Danny has gone out for our friends birthday - which I should have been going to also. But nope, endometriosis once again stands in my way.

I parted with the last of my spending money (before major savings start for Christmas) by getting some more of my body tattooed. I now have some beautiful roses on my foot and I love them. I know some would have quite a lot to say about me spending money on tattoos when I am on benefits, but I pay all my bills and like to enjoy the very little money I have left over.

My emotions are not quite as bad as usual but I am still very teary and tonight especially, I just feel like I want to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am so fed up. I have been waiting for my period to start and 2 hours before I was late, it starts... Thought we might have been thrown some luck finally. I knew I was wrong to build up any hope.

I've spent almost all day working on the blog now so I'm going to crawl in to bed with some chocolate and a film and await Danny's return... Night all.