"Science and modern technology meets fashion undergarments, preventing leaks for all body types."

I've been keeping a keen eye on this recent wave of period pants that have been emerging recently. So, when Modibodi asked if I would like to try out some of their underwear, I jumped at the chance! A pair of knickers that you can wear without a sanitary towel or tampon... Really!? It's all been very intriguing!

Modibodi are an Australian brand, launched in 2013 and founded by fashion-tech entrepreneur and social advocate Kristy Chong. After having her second child, Kristy experienced bladder leaks from a weakened pelvic floor - something 1 in 3 women experience during and after childbirth. Kristy noticed there was little innovation in technology in products available to help women who face bladder leaks or heavy periods and she was inspired and determined to create a whole new solution for women that was fashionable, sustainable and reusable.

"Once I realised how problematic the issue was, I couldn't understand why, with all the advancements in technology, underwear and disposable hygiene had not evolved. I knew instantly that I was going to have to create a whole new product category for women. I am really proud that I took this idea and turned it in to a product that can more conveniently, comfortably and reliably manage menstrual flow or incontinence, and reduce the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill and damaging our environment."

Developed and designed by Kristy, alongside top Australian lingerie designers, Modibodi has created a range of stain resistant, fast drying and odour-free, period, pee and perspiration proof underwear and swimwear that are fashionable, sustainable, high-tech and comfortable. Modibodi underwear can be a total replacement for feminine hygiene products including pantyliners, pads and tampons, and works well as an additional backup for menstrual cup users. Their leak proof and moisture wicking products are available in a range of absorbances, protecting us from periods to discharge, light bladder leakage to weak pelvic floors.

Modibodi use high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends (bamboo, merino perform wool and microfibre) with the latest in antimicrobial fibres for a soft, silky fit.

There are a total of nine different underwear collections available in a range of styles and colours, including active wear, swimwear, maternity and pre-teen girls. Modibodi also offer a wide range of sizes from 4XS to 2XS for girls aged 8-14 years old, and sizes XS to 7XL for women.

Modibodi also have a newly released, patent pending, Modifier Swim Technology. This unique swimwear line is period and pee-proof, water and stain resistant, bacteria and odour fighting.

Modibodi products are more than just comfort and style, it is a mission that goes beyond fashion - it is empowering a kind of change that everyone can be a part of.

The Modifier Technology found in Modibodi's flagship period and pee-proof underwear is super slim at only 3mm thick and is a three-layer component:
:: A top layer that quickly wicks away any moisture, fights bacteria and stops odours
:: A middle layer that quickly absorbs fluid and locks it away (up to 20mls of absorbency)
:: A third, bottom layer allowing for extra waterproof protection.

The lining of Modifier Air Technology in combination with the breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, draws sweat and discharge away from the source and fights bacteria to keep you cool, dry and fresh all day.

You can view more videos on Modibodi's YouTube channel.

Modibodi kindly sent me two pairs of underwear to try out for myself...

These are the Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini (in black) which have a heavy absorbency. They are Modibodi's bestselling style and feature natural odour-fighting organic bamboo fabric trimmed with lace, hugging the waistline.

These looked really nice on. This is my preferred style of knicker, but some can look less than attractive when they come up to your belly button and are bunchy and baggy on! These sit really nicely on your tummy, pulling you in where you need to be, but not digging in - great for those with sensitive tummies due to endometriosis, or any other tummy related issues. They also look good, with the lace trim adding some simple detail. The material is a lovely, soft cotton and feels and looks like really good quality.

I imagined that the padding in these pants would be thick and uncomfortable. I also thought it might move around a bit, you know like it does in some padded bras? But, no! It's just the right thickness, really comfortable and it definitely doesn't move around - it's fully enclosed in the underwear themselves! What I really liked about these, is that the padding comes from the front of the gusset area, right to the top of the back of the knickers. This would be great for night time use, giving you more protection than a standard pad.

These are the Classic Bikini (in beige) which have a light-moderate absorbency.

Surprisingly, I found these to be the comfier of the two pairs, which is pretty unusual for me since I love a big knicker! I usually wear a bigger style due to my c-section scar and I've always found anything smaller digs straight in to my scar which, as you can imagine, is not comfortable in the slightest. These, however, were really comfortable and didn't ride up at the back either.

The padding in the classic bikini style is less so than in the hi-waist bikini (heavy absorbency) pair, and it doesn't come up over the bottom area, so these would be great for lighter days.

The material is again very soft, and the beige colour is great for when you need some nude underwear. The material is the same as the black pair, and is again very soft and great quality.

I can't comment on the absorbency of either pair as I have to admit I've not been brave enough to wear them without a pad as yet. However, what I really liked about these, is that they gave me that added security in case something did happen to leak! I am one of those women who has to constantly feel their bum every time they stand up in case there is some wetness of some kind there! I'm always worrying about it! So, for me, these are perfect! I also really liked that the lining of the padded areas of both colourways is black so there won't be any yucky stains left inside.

To wash the underwear, you simply rinse in cold water and then cold wash on a delicate cycle.

If you would like to try Modibodi's underwear or swimwear for yourself, then Modibodi is available in Australia, online in the US via their US website or via Amazon USA, and in the UK via their UK website.

If you would like further information on Modibodi, their website is jam packed with everything you could ever imagine wanting to know! You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"Together with Modibodi, we are breaking taboos, opening minds, mentioning the "unmentionables" with a reusable, sustainable product line that will benefit all bodies on this planet."