My story began at the tender age of 19 years of age. I had pain, severe pain and it was just not going away. In a way, perhaps I was lucky. It persisted, until I sought out what was causing it. It took me a year but eventually, I received a conclusive verdict: You have endometriosis! Well, what a blow! An “incurable” condition, which leads to infertility? Oh boy, could you not sugar coat this in some way? I will settle for honey, stevia or even agave syrup!

My choices were presented to me as hormone treatments, drugs to dull the pain and surgery every year and a half. The outlook was more than bleak but I trusted, I trusted in the system designed to help me. A specialist for endometriosis and over 20 years of experience, he must know what is best for my body. Or did he?

After 15 years of trusting and giving all control over to someone else, I finally started to realise a very important lesson: this was under my control and it was time for me to take over! I was strong enough to deal with this and figure this body out by myself. I could doctor myself and do a better job of knowing what my body needed. It is called intuition and loving yourself enough to trust in your inner voice.

I started with a very basic concept. I started to acknowledge the “fuel” I was filling my body with was somewhat dirty. It was un-pure and it was devoid of nutrients. It was rich, fatty, sweet and toxic. No wonder I felt tired, listless, irritated and sore.

I started with the basics. I added more fruit and vegetables. I cut down on the fatty and rich foods. I started to notice a small difference. So, I carried on adding and subtracting foods, which proved to make me better or make me feel worse. It was an experiment and each food was tested on my guinea pig body. I finally began to feel more in control of my pain levels. Eat the wrong thing and experience pain – it was a simple equation and easy to measure!

This new self-awareness also showed up with other aspects of my life. I started to notice when my heart rate elevated itself around certain people and certain situations. It was mostly confrontation but it presented itself as stress to my body. I began to eliminate these situations and people from my life, slowly and gained a calmer state of mind. I felt better mentally and stronger emotionally. The real Mel could shine and be free and find her true calling!

This journey I have been on has only just started. I have been travelling on a pure, natural road for my endometriosis, my body and mind for just over 2 years. I feel better than I ever felt doing all of the various hormone treatments, surgeries and various drug combinations. I feel so much more alive and content. Not just in my head, but in my body. I have a focus, I have control and I know how to heal myself.

I believe I got endometriosis for a reason. I believe I am an angel sent out to help women around the world to find a better way to cope with endometriosis. Be that from a purely emotional point of view or to gain real understanding of their bodies and how to heal naturally. I am here for you too. I am your little endo angel and if you find me, I can guide you towards your own healing journey for endometriosis.

Thank you for sharing your story Melissa. 

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