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Today, I'm making a list of 3 things that I'm excited about. I've chosen this option as an aid to help me keep an eye on the goal and to remember that I'm not going to be spending every day stuck in my bedroom. I have got things to be excited about and good times are just around the corner...

1. Plans, plans, plans
I have a little list of things that are happening to use as goal posts to get me through to my surgery and to look forward to beyond then. I have tickets for several concerts and our little Christmas theatre trip to London on my birthday to keep me going this year and then next year, well I will have the whole world at my feet and I have so much to look forward to then. I'm also hoping we might be able to get away for a summer holiday somewhere hot and sunny. All things are achievable when you have your health... And money!

2. My operation and the prospect of getting my life back
I'm not excited for the actual operation in the slightest. In fact, quite the opposite! I've been worrying about it for weeks now and I still have to wait until January. But I'm so hopeful that this surgery will get me back on my feet and get me back to work and back to having a life again. I hate being in pain every single day, having to take copious amounts of drugs and sitting around not doing anything. 2013 will be a new year with lots of new beginnings because I will be better and everything can move on again. I will be better. I will.

3. Our house
I talk quite often about 'our house' but all it is is imaginary at this point. Me and Danny had planned to move in to our own little home in May time this year. We spent most of last year saving and buying things so we would be fully prepared. But then of course my endometriosis flared up and all our plans had to be put on hold until I was able to get back to work and bring in a monthly wage again. So for now, Danny's lovely Nanna is storing the bulk of our treasures in her spare room and we have filled cupboards in our own houses and every nook and cranny that's going free with things. But, at least we are prepared! The only thing we have to buy now when we move out is a wardrobe and a sofa! I am so excited about this though. I cannot wait to be able to wake up next to Danny every day though and have our little family (me, Danny and our Daisy Bella) together.