I've been poorly the last few days with a tummy bug. I must have picked it up when I left the confines and safety of my house for a few hours on Sunday but I've been feeling really bad ever since with an upset tum and the worst headache you can imagine.

I've just spent the last few days in bed with Netflix, watching endless films and drinking water. I haven't even been able to eat properly.

I'm feeling a lot better today but my headache is still there. I've had it for weeks now and it will not budge!

I haven't got much planned for the next few days. I'm having to take it easy really because of this hip pain and headache and all my other aches and pains and exhaustion etc etc etc! I'm off to the doctors tomorrow to discuss a few things and then me and Danny are going out for dinner with my mama and her partner. I'm really looking forward to getting out for a few hours. On Friday I'm hoping to get in to town for a wander as Danny is going in to have a tattoo finished. I'll have to see how I feel though because I think tomorrow night may do me in! Then I have a quiet weekend planned round Danny's house. I'm missing our friends birthday night out on Saturday because of how I'm feeling so I'm spending the evening snuggled up in bed with my someday sister-in-law and a cup of tea... So eventful!

Thank you to all of you who have replied to my last post, it's really good to get advice from other ladies in the same position!

Anyway, anyway, anyway, I'm tired and it's very late and I want nothing more right now than to climb in to bed so goodnight all. Hopefully I'll have something more thrilling than lying in bed to talk about next time!