For today's post, I'm calling on all my endo sisters for a little advice. I usually just blurt out any questions I have on Twitter or Facebook, but recently I've stockpiled a few for this post. If you have experience with any of my questions below, please leave an answer in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you all!

:: For those of you with endometriosis on your bladder, do you have any problems with wetting yourself?

:: For those of you with endometriosis on your diaphragm, has your specialist ever told you they wouldn't remove it because it was too close to your heart?

:: Has anyone got endometriosis higher than their diaphragm?... How was this diagnosed and what symptoms did you have?

:: Have any of you got conditions other than endometriosis, that have shown up since diagnosis? I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone with chronic fatigue as I'm showing all the symptoms of it and I know it's more prevalent in women with endometriosis.

:: Have you found any alternative medicines or products that have had a positive effect on your endometriosis?

:: Have any of you found a special diet has helped your pain and symptoms?

:: Have any of you found cutting dairy, wheat and/or gluten from your diets has actually helped?

:: Have any of you used a TENS machine for your pain - has it helped at all?

:: For those of you trying to conceive or those of you who have been lucky enough to have a baby, do you have any tips or things to try? Have you had to try IUI or IVF treatments? How long did you try for before starting IUI/IVF? How long did it take you to finally conceive? Did pregnancy reduce your pain during or afterwards regarding your endometriosis?

:: Do any of you regularly exercise? What do you find to be the most effective exercise types ie. yoga, pilates, running, swimming etc for your endometriosis? Have any of you needed to go through a type of rehabilitation plan for getting back in to exercise after a long period of sickness or an operation?
Thanks in advance ladies.