Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekenders on our own

I'm aching a lot today (to say the least!). So much so I've broken the heat pads out again! I love these little pads. You just peel the paper backing off them and stick them to your clothing and the heat from your body warms up the 'herby bits' inside the pad. The heat is only supposed to remain for a few hours but I've found they are much better than that. I've been wearing mine for 8 hours now and it's still hot. They are also much more acceptable than carrying around a hot water bottle with you in public!

Today, me and Danny went to a car boot sale and then had some breakfast out. After that we just had a wander around a few shops and now we are at his house for a lovely Mexican dinner. Nothing overly exciting or thrilling but sometimes I enjoy normal days like this more than anything. Have you been up to anything interesting this weekend?

Today is my first proper day of going dairy-free. I've haven't had any cow's milk for a while now and this week I started on a dairy-free butter type spread instead of my normal Lurpak. But today I've gone completely dairy-free. NO cream. NO chocolate. NO cheese (since the diary-free cheese I bought yesterday is beyond vile!). NO DAIRY! It's been hard work already since going out for breakfast meant no milk or butter - so no tea (they didn't have any herbal teas and I cannot drink black tea), cereal or toast. One thing I haven't been sure of is if eggs are classed as dairy. I had a look online and it seems to be an equal argument both ways. But I settled on a quote saying that "dictionary definitions of dairy are limited to milk products and, as a result, will always exclude eggs and egg products". What do you think? I think I may need to do some more reading.

I probably wont get a chance to post tomorrow as we are out all day but I promise to write again soon. I'm busy catching up with everything I've missed over the past week or so and have lots to talk about... Even if it doesn't seem it at the moment!



  1. you remind me so much of zooey deschanel!! <3 xx

  2. SERIOUS Zooey lookalike! Woah! Congrats on dairy free :)

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  3. Interesting to see that you're trying out the no dairy diet for endo. That's been mentioned to me before, but I'm really reluctant to change my habits there, let me know how you get on.

    I'd class egg products as not being dairy myself, if that helps :)

  4. I've been tempted to try going dairy free because I've heard about so many people feeling so much better for it, but I'm not sure I have the will power for it. I like cheese far too much. Haha. We'll see.


  5. Good luck! I couldn't live without cheese lol xo

  6. I've been suffering from something (they are calling it IBS at the minute) for a year now and I've cut dairy from my diet. It has helped somewhat... But it is difficult to begin with. I hope it helps you xoxo

  7. Lol! I wish I looked like Zooey Deschanel!

    Thanks for the comments girls. The dairy free diet is extremely hard... I hadn't realised how many products contained dairy until now. I'll keep trying though. xx

  8. OMG I love chocolates, creams, and eggs. Well, good luck with the dairy-free diet. I don't think I would be as strong as you Shireen lol. I once read an article about not taking diet but eating just a portion of it. It's as difficult as the others too, but that helped me lose weigh a lot. Not sure if you've came across that article too, but overall, it's a good read.

    Oh by the way, mom's getting a POP repair next week and encountered this transvaginal mesh lawsuit. You think it's still safe? Looks scary to me.