Well, this is officially the third day now that I have woken up feeling happy and positive! "Hurrahs", I hear you all cry! I can feel the sadness is there, just beneath the surface, but if I don't stop and think about it then I can't let it escape.

The weather is beautiful today. The sun is out, the sky is blue and the only clouds in the sky are friendly, white, whispy ones. I've got my clean laundry out on the line, the air is beautifully fresh and the birds are singing.

Today me and Danny are going in to town for a little wander. I'm still aching quite a bit but I can't wait! I love going in to town on a Friday afternoon because they have a little vintage market which you can find some beautiful treasures at. I'm also on a dairy-free cheese hunt and I promised Danny I would treat him to a slice of cake!

You might not think it's a massively exciting thing, just nipping in to the local town for a little shop, but it's a huge thing to me - my big day out! I think it's something you really take for granted and it's only when you realise how difficult it can be for someone so immobile that you realise how much it means.

Do you like the picture I used today? I took it at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival a few months ago. The Red Arrows were doing their incredible display and two of the jets drew this beautiful heart.

Anyway, I must rush off and make myself all prettified for Danny... It's not a quick job!