As I mentioned on Friday's post, me and Danny went out for a meal today in Nottingham. We went for a quick wander beforehand and bought a few little bits and bobs and then sat down for a lovely 3 course meal - bought for us by my papa. It was delicious! Unfortunately, even though I tried my hardest, I wasn't able to go completely dairy-free as it was a set menu. I had a little butter on my steak and after removing the ice cream from my dessert I suddenly realised that it was still full of chocolate! Oh well. Two slip ups isn't too bad I guess.

I spent yesterday getting some cleaning and washing done and then cooked a delicious meal.

It's been lovely getting out and about this weekend and getting lots done but I'm definitely suffering for it this evening. I've been having terrible pains all evening so I've not moved too much in the last few hours... I'm hoping I'll feel a bit better by tomorrow.

I hope you've all had a good weekend anyway.