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I apologise if I've been a little quiet recently. I've been having a really hard time this week. My period has started and I've been very upset... And of course in a lot more pain again. I'm really struggling with the whole baby thing and to make matters worse, my Facebook feed seems to be full of them at the moment.

I had my second counselling session today and I've now been referred on for liaison psychiatry. My appointment may take a while to come through so for now I just have to wait again but my counsellor seems to think it will help more than just the basic counselling I would have had with her.

I haven't really done anything else this week and to be honest, I'm not in great mood so I'm going to hop in to bed and get an early night in a bid to sleep of this sadness.

If you've left a comment, tweet or emailed me recently, thank you. Please don't think I'm ignoring you. I just need to get past these few days and then I'll be back again. I hope you all understand.