I've had a 'happy' day today!... Certainly a change in mood to how I felt earlier this week! Me and the boy went shopping today and I bought some beautiful 'creepers' (shoes!) that I had been lusting over for a while. I am absolutely in love with them, so much so that I changed straight in to them while I was still out! We also made a very exciting purchase between us!... We bought a new bed! It's one of the two big purchases we still had to make for our house (which we will have when I'm better and back to work!) and it's going to live in the boys room for now. We saw one on Friday that we wanted at Ikea but we popped in to a 'proper' bed shop today and saw this beaut and we knew it was meant to be instantly. We just have to get our mattress ordered from Ikea now and then we shall be slumbering peacefully in style! After shopping, the boys parents cooked us a lovely, completely dairy free dinner (including dairy free Yorkshire puddings - tip: soya milk works perfectly in them!). It was scrummy. I always feel like I'm putting them out now with my new diet but mama and papa W have been fantastic with buying me the odd bits here and there so I don't miss out on having a nice dinner too!

As I've already said, my mood has changed quite a lot from how it was earlier in the week. I went through a pretty tough time, emotionally, this week. In fact, it probably hit me harder than it has in a long time. I was a wreck. But I eventually climbed back out of my hole, with some much needed help from my loved ones, and I feel like I can cope again now... For a short time anyway. I've been highly suspicious of my period also because, although I have been in pain with it, it was no where near to the pain I'm usually in. I didn't even have to take my Nefopam. It was ridiculously heavy but it's almost finished now which is odd also since my periods usually last weeks on end... Could the dairy free diet actually be working for me!?

I have my consultation with the prof. tomorrow afternoon - finally!... I've only been waiting since May to get some answers but hey ho, he's been on holiday so I can't complain too much (she types bitterly). But, anyhow, by this time tomorrow I should know what 'the plan' is. I have so many questions to ask and I'm so very anxious about it but I'm just trying to keep positive and remember that tomorrow should give me the answers I've been waiting for... Wish me luck!

In the mean time, I have a bit of a different post winging it's way to you tomorrow morning. I hope you all enjoy it. I actually feel a little nervous about it because it's a bit of a beauty post which isn't something I'd usually do, but I did enjoy writing it so I might do a few more. Let me know what you think anyway.