I've been feeling reasonably OK the last few days. I've had the odd moments where I've had to stop and rest because of the pain but for the most part it's been OK. I'm feeling a little more positive again after being a sad cat the other day. I've worked my money out and my fortnightly benefits have been paid so I at least have a little money to live on again.

My someday sister-in-law came to see me yesterday and brought me a gorgeous vintage velvet skirt and a scarf. We had a good old catch up over a cup of green tea with jasmine. Lovely.

Last night, me and Danny watched Top Gun - it's one of those movies I will never, ever, tire of watching and I love the soundtrack! We listened to The Cure on our new turntable too. It was a purchase for our house we made a few weeks ago and we absolutely love it so, so much.

Today, me and Danny are doing our usual Friday routine with a visit to town for a wander. The weather is beautiful too so I'm really looking forward to it! I'm wearing a beautiful vintage dress that my mama bought for me a few weeks ago. I always love having to make an effort since usually I make zero effort when I'm stuck in the house.

I also have to go and get some more work done on my car today - it seems to be never ending! This time it's just a tyre repair. I need to get some new tyres but don't want to spend out on them until I'm properly driving again. The ones that are on it are just cheap ones and they didn't perform very well last winter. Then next week I have to take it back to the garage to get the coolant system flushed since it's running on detergent at the moment in a bid to clean the system out. Fun.

I don't think we are doing too much this weekend. We are going out for a meal on Sunday that my papa bought for us a few weeks ago so I'm looking forward to that and since it's in Nottingham it means I can drag Danny round a few shops beforehand. It'll be interesting to see if I can have a full 3 course meal out on this dairy-free diet.

Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? I'm sure whatever it is will be more interesting than mine, but whatever it is I hope you have a good few days.

Anyway, I better rush off else Danny will be complaining about me never being ready on time again.