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As promised, here is a very late update on what's been happening with my body. I hope it goes a little further in explaining why I've been so MIA (besides my crisis of confidence mentioned in my last post).

Because so much has happened over the past few months, I'm going to split this update up. Otherwise it will be very long and I'm sure, rather boring!

So, Part 1... Bone update...

As you all know, I had been eagerly awaiting my bone scan. Everything went OK with it - if you've ever been lucky enough to have one, you'll know it's just a case of lying back and letting someone operate a big scanning machine over you. It was a quick in and out job and the lady scanning me said I'd get my results through when I saw the Prof. in April.

A short while later, at the beginning of February, I got a letter from my doctor asking me to make an appointment to come in to discuss my scan results as soon as possible. This worried me because obviously I've had a scan before and had done the same as what I was supposed to do this time - wait to speak with the Prof. Any who, I made my appointment and saw the doctor a few days later.The doctor was concerned as they'd seen my results and basically wanted to ask why my bones were so bad - was there a reason that I knew about? I explained how my previous results had shown I had osteopenia and the doctor said that is what my new results showed also. Unfortunately though, my bone density had decreased even more from what it was at previously.

Osteopenia is diagnosed when the T score on a Bone Densitometry (DXA) Scan Result is between -1.0 and -2.5 (as per criteria set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

My previous scan on 14/07/2009 showed the following T-scores:

Region L1-L4                T-score -0.8 (Normal)

Region Neck Left          T-score -1.0 (Normal)
Region Neck Right        T-score -1.2 (Osteopenia)
Region Total Left          T-score -0.5 (Normal)
Region Total Right        T-score -0.2 (Normal)

My new scan on 20/01/2012 showed the following T-scores:

Region L1-L4                T-score -0.6 (Normal)

Region Neck Left          T-score -1.2 (Osteopenia)
Region Neck Right        T-score -1.1 (Osteopenia)
Region Total Left          T-score -0.3 (Normal)
Region Total Right        T-score -0.1 (Normal)

The doctor was very concerned and put me on a course of Fosamax that I took 1 tablet a week of for 4 weeks and referred me to a Rheumatologist to discuss the situation further.

I met the rheumatologist on 21/03/12 and after a quick discussion he explained in simple terms that yes, I do have osteopenia but there is a broad spectrum for the disease and I am only at the beginning of it, there is certainly nothing to be concerned about at this point in time. I was advised to carry on as I have been doing by taking double doses of calcium/vitamin D3 etc. and to have another scan in a few years.

I was overjoyed! At last, part of my health problems were sorted. So now, I just have to be careful and hope that I never have to go near any add-back therapy again.

Here's hoping.