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I am not feeling good at all today. My period started over a week early and with such heavy bleeding it's just totally knocked me for six again. I've spent today hobbling around, not straying far from my bed and eating lots of chocolate. 

What's made it all worse is that during my sleep last night I woke myself up when one of my adhesion's tore while I was turning over. Total agony. In fact, I'd go as far to say it was the worst tear I've felt. It felt like someone had ripped my side open and thrown a burning match inside me. But it soon went off (hence, how I know I'd only torn something) and I went back to feeling my normal agonising period pains.

I thought the above quote was very apt for my period times at the moment. Having not had periods for several years I'd completely forgotten exactly how painful it was to have them. Memories of laying on the bathroom floor, huddled in to a tight ball, crying and almost passing out with the pain is now reality again.

Sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to be normal and have 'normal' periods.