I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015. I had started to get really stiff knees which I'd initially put down to all the bending down I was doing with our newborn baby. But, over time, it didn't ease. Having a diagnosis of fibromyalgia never truly sat well with me as I never suffered with the widespread pain others seem to talk about with regards to the condition. Over time, it developed in other areas - namely, my hands, but also, on occasion, my feet. This year, all my issues seemed to be solved with my crohn's disease diagnosis and my doctors agreed that it appeared to be the crohn's that had been causing the joint pain I had been suffering all along.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to find anything that will ease the pain I get in these areas. I have been on 20mg Amitriptyline since 2015 but honestly, it makes zero difference. Painkillers only ease it a little. The Azathioprine I take for my crohn's only made it worse when my dosage was upped to 100mg, and it left me barely able to walk (in fact, I did a lot of hopping during that time!).

However, I received a few products from a company called Fay Farm to review as part of the Chronic Illness Blogger Network, which really could not have arrived at a better time!... You know when nothing else is working, you're crying with the pain and then a wonder product lands at your door and you feel like praising the heavens above!? Yeah, that!

I received 2 items: the Healing Hemp Serum and the Rejuvenation Lotion.

The Healing Hemp Serum was developed specifically as a remedy for psoriasis and eczema, as well as other conditions such as sebborheic dermatitis. However, I chose this particular product as a remedy for my acne prone skin.

I've documented my battle with acne many times over the years, and in 2017 I finally found a routine which worked for me. Along with a change to my diet (I lost almost 2 stone last year with the help of Slimming World), I decided to take a simpler approach to my skincare. I started using less products, often just using water alone, and the products I did use were as natural as I could get. I had finally discovered that all these acne products that are currently flooding the market did nothing but make my skin sore and waste money!

Although my acne is almost non-existent these days, I still have to maintain a reasonable diet and skincare routine to keep it clear. After spending so long in hospital this year, I came home to find my skin was grey and spotty once again. I hadn't had access to my usual products, being on an increased amount of medications and not being able to get fresh air and natural light had all had a huge impact on it.

The Healing Hemp Serum contains:
:: grapeseed oil
:: hemp oil
:: apricot oil
:: argan oil
:: black cumin oil
:: borage oil
:: evening primrose oil
:: pomegranate oil
:: burdock
:: calendula
:: chamomile
:: chickweed
:: cornfrey
:: gotu kola
:: marshmallow
:: nettle
:: plantain
:: usnea
:: geranium essential oils
:: rosemary essential oils
:: lavender essential oils
:: tea tree essential oils

Fay Farm suggest applying a few drops of the serum on to affected areas preferably twice a day and you should start to see positive results within 3-7 days.

I started using the Healing Hemp Serum on my face each night after removing my makeup. At first, I put one pumps worth on and then put my normal moisturiser on top, every night, but this was far too heavy for my skin. I've found the correct balance for my own skin is one pumps worth, every other night, and on it's own without any moisturiser on top. One thing that is really lovely about the serum, is, unlike other oils I've tried on my skin, this absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy layer. My skin brightened up within a few days and felt plump and moisturised once again - something it had been lacking for a good while.

I've also gained a few little skin niggles since starting on Azathioprine (whether it's down to that or my ill health, I don't know!). I have recently started to use the serum on some little red patches of dry skin that have appeared on my legs and it's really helping them. They are still there (at the moment anyway) but they aren't as red and they are no longer itchy.

I will carry on using this product and hope to continue seeing positive results.

Several years ago, Fay Farm began researching the benefits of Hemp Oil Extract (HOE) and discovered it is effective for pain relief, anti-anxiety and improving mood. They began to develop formulations containing Hemp Oil Extract based on some of their popular products.

Hemp Oil Extract is a little complicated, so have a look at these articles for a better explanation:
:: What is Hemp Extract?
:: What is Hemp Extract? The Basic Science and Benefits of Hemp.

Hemp Oil Extract is legal in all 50 states in the US and 28 countries outside of the US. Fay Farm only utilises the hemp stem and stock to extract their CBD. The results contain less than 0.3% THC, and is considered a food additive and is regulated by the FDA.

The Rejuvenation Lotion is available in 2 different versions - HOE, which means it contains Hemp Oil Extract, or non-HOE, which doesn't contain the extract. I chose to try out the HOE version as I thought it might be a little more beneficial on my aches and pains.

The lotion is made with all organic ingredients (a blend of herbs and essential oils), is paraben and phthalate free and is designed to relieve joint and muscle pain. It is particularly aimed at those suffering with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, sports injuries and other deep joint and muscle pain.

The non-HOE Rejuvenation Lotion contains:
:: purified water
:: MSM
:: organic hemp oil
:: organic grapeseed oil
:: organic sunflower oil
:: emulsifying wax
:: stearic acid
:: organic white sesame oil
:: organic argan oil
:: organic apricot kernel oil
:: organic jojoba oil
:: magnesium
:: essential oils
:: fennel
:: liquorice
:: turmeric
:: valerian
:: gluconolatone
:: sodium benzoate (a certified natural preservative)

The HOE Rejuvenation Lotion doesn't contain sunflower oil, but instead contains 200mg of hemp oil extract.

As I mentioned above, I've really been struggling with the pains in my hands and knees (and elsewhere) - more so this year than ever before. My hands ache to the point where I find it difficult to bend my fingers, holding anything becomes a struggle and I regularly drop things (I think I must have smashed a whole set of crockery in the past year!). On top of that, my knees hurt so much I sometimes cannot put any weight on them and cry with the shooting pains. And my feet ache like I've ran a marathon in a pair of stiletto heels!

I read about what the Rejuvenation Lotion said it could help and thought, hey, it's worth a try! But, I have to admit, I thought it would just be like any other cream with essential oils in it: that it would smell nice and probably make my skin soft, but nothing more. I was wrong.

I've been using it for around a month now and I have aptly named it the "magic cream". I'm not sure if it's the earthy aroma that is somehow changing the nerve signals to my brain or whether it's the cream working it's way through the layers of skin and muscle, but it's amazing!

Now, don't get me wrong, it doesn't magically cure you of pain. However, I would say it relieves pain and reduces it. I use it daily now and even keep it by my bedside so that I can drown my hands in it as soon as I sit down to relax each night. To be totally honest, some days I wish I could climb in to the bottle and just bathe in it!

The cream feels lovely on the skin. It sinks in quickly and isn't greasy in the slightest. One thing I love is that it leaves your hands feeling nice. I'm always a bit funny with hand creams as I hate when they leave your hands feeling greasy or chalky. But this sinks in really nicely so you could use it anywhere on the body.

Today, I let my mum try it out. She has osteoarthritis in her hands and she is in a tremendous amount of pain with them. Recently, she has been unable to bend her fingers and has been unable to grip because of it. Today, she used this lotion and within minutes she could bend her fingers - no word of a lie!

I honestly love everything about this product. It's natural, it smells nice, it feels nice on the skin and it actually relieves pain!... What more could you want!?

Fay Farm is a family run farm on Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Washington (US). On the farm, the family raise a herd of Nubian goats and use the milk from the goats, along with the herbs from their greenhouse, to infuse in to their natural body care products. None of Fay Farms products contain parabens, alcohol, mineral oil or phthalates and each of their products are crafted with all natural, organically sourced materials. Many of their high quality ingredients come from their own farm.

If you would like to try Fay Farms products for yourself, you can find a full range of their products on their website. Their HOE (Hemp Oil Extract) products can be purchased from the Canna Treehouse website. All of Fay Farms products, including those with HOE, are also available through a range of stockists in America.

If you would like more information on Fay Farm, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.