Since my last update, there has been a little change... I actually stopped bleeding. At last! I had been bleeding since mid-September and in the last week of my first pack of Desogestrel (which I'm taking alongside my implant), it stopped!... But, it lasted all of a week and then I started spotting again.

What was more annoying though is that my pain levels while on the pill and bleeding were much better, but then I started getting really bad pains when I wasn't bleeding. And the pain has eased since I started spotting again... My body is so awkward!!

I saw my doctor last week and she thinks it's best to continue as I am (carrying on with the pill) as I see my consultant at the beginning of January so it's not long to wait. I think she's a bit flummoxed by it all to be honest. She said she wants me to make it clear to my consultant that I need a plan of action because my doctor can't provide any further primary care for me and she doesn't want me to go in and tell her everything is working and then be left as I am for however long it is until my next appointment. She thinks I've given the implant a good go now but she did also say that she doesn't think anything else is going to work until I'm menopausal. So, that wasn't great to hear. Even though I know it's the truth.

I guess I'm no further with anything really but, it's only a few weeks until I see Miss Potdar so, fingers crossed, she'll have some suggestions... Who knows!