It's been a bit of a mixed bag of happenings with my implant since my 2 month update.

I mentioned last time that my implant was causing everything to flare. Since then, it's also started irritating the sciatic nerve on my right side, whereas I've only had that before on my left side. I've also had lots of sporadic days of pain where it's felt like it's come on for no reason at all. I've also felt very nauseous at times. My anxiety has also been through the roof again and I've been struggling with that a lot.

I saw my doctor a few weeks ago as I knew there was an additional pill that I could take alongside the implant if I was continually bleeding (which I have been since mid-September). She repeated what she had told me a few months ago, that she didn't think this was going to work. She also said that filling me with even more progesterone isn't going to do anything but, as always, it was worth a try. I've been taking one of these Desogestrel tablets once a day since that appointment and then I see my doctor again in December if they haven't stopped me from bleeding. She made it sound that we are making the first steps to getting this thing out of me now.

Well, the pill hasn't stopped me from bleeding, but, I've only had mild pains since I started it. Whether that's a coincidence, I don't know. But, since it's not stopped me from bleeding, I'll be seeing the doctor again in mid-December anyway.

I never wanted to have the implant and I've wanted it out of me for months now. But I do feel sad that yet another treatment has done nothing for me (besides making my pain worse). When you're down to your last few options and those options aren't working... Ugh. Will I ever be free of this pain??