My name is Jess. I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, my whole life up until two weeks ago. My husband, daughter and I have moved to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

I struggled with endometriosis for many years, well before I knew it was a disease. I always had bad period pain but I thought it was normal... During one cycle I started to bleed outside the time of my actual period. This happened for a few months before I began seeking medical help. I was diagnosed with endometriosis after a laparoscopy.

The laparoscopy only helped for a few months. The symptoms came back so my partner and I decided to try for a baby. After 9 months of trying to conceive, my gynaecologist advised we will need to do IVF. We were booked in for our initial appointment with the doctor to talk about the journey we were about to embark on, but, before the appointment on that same day, I decided to take a pregnancy test since I'd had an extremely vivid dream that I was pregnant... I did the test and it was positive! Total miracle!

Once my period came back after I stopped breastfeeding, my symptoms came back with a vengeance. Having a very active toddler and crippling pains to the point of being bed ridden is very difficult to manage. I had another laparoscopy in October last year which helped me fall pregnant again. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage at the end of January which shook me to my core and another miscarriage in May. No one can prepare you for the pain and sadness.

For the last 6 months, I've been seeking alternative remedies to help with the pain. I've had weekly fertility acupuncture which has changed my cycle and reduced the pain and heaviness of the bleeding. I'm also taking Chinese herbs which have reduced the severity of ovulation pain and the unbelievable pain of my periods. I'm so happy with how far my body has come after all the trauma it's been through this year.

I am so grateful for everything I've endured. It's shaped me into the strong, resilient mum that I am today. Having my little online community @endometriosis_australia has helped me connect with women all around the world who suffer the same way I do. I am one of the lucky ones who was able to conceive naturally and I remind myself of that every day.

Keep fighting the daily battle, you're definitely not alone.

Thank you for sharing your story Jess.

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