I went in for my scan on Monday morning and if you follow me anywhere online, you may have seen me having a little rant about it because I just felt like it was a massive waste of time.

First of all, I wasn't comfortable with the situation at all, as not only was the sonographer male, but there was also another man and a woman in the room and although the curtain was pulled across the door in case anyone walked in, it wasn't pulled across where the other people were sat. Not really the type of situation you want to be in when you are there to have a transvaginal scan!

The sonographer said he'd do a 'normal' ultrasound scan first and if he couldn't see anything on that he would do an internal scan - even though I was supposed to have an internal scan anyway. He had a look, pressed super hard (to the point where I was gripping on to the bed!) and then yeah, that was that. He said I'd get the results in a week.

I was a bit confused so I asked him what he was looking for exactly/what was on the request form from my consultant (she had just said at my appointment on Thursday that she expected to see some smaller cysts so I assumed this scan was to check for larger cysts) and he said he was just having a look around to see if everything looked normal and that he couldn't see anything. He also said that my lining all looked normal. I asked if there were any cysts and he said no. He then said "you had endometriosis?", I kind of corrected him with my reply saying that "yes, I have got endometriosis" and he said he couldn't see any of that, as if to imply that it had magically cleared up! I mean, where's it going to have vanished to!?

I'm annoyed because I know from when we went through IVF how much shows up from a transvaginal scan and I know endometriosis doesn't show up on a normal ultrasound, so I feel like I've not only had a wasted trip to Leicester (since I could have had an ultrasound at a closer hospital) but also a whole weekend of worrying about an internal for nothing.

I'm just hoping it's shown up enough that I don't have to go back in the next few weeks again for another one.