I've been feeling a lot better over the past week. Better than usual anyway (which isn't saying much really!). My period finished just short of 2 weeks and compared to last month I think it was a little easier. I never know where I am with it though! I wish it was just easy and pain free every month - I'd love to experience a normal period! I also worked out that I'm having a grand total of around a week and a half between periods at the moment which is pretty ridiculous. No wonder I'm so worn out all the time. But these Tramadol have now kicked in again and although I've had to take my extra Paracetamol and Ibuprofen over the last week also, the pain has definitely been easier to cope with than when I was down to the lower dosage.

I had my first session of liaison psychiatry last week at the hospital and it went really well. I explained everything that was troubling me and the doctor was really understanding - and even better, she actually knew a lot about endometriosis! I know, shocker ha!? The good thing is that I don't have to go back for another 4 months now and she wants me to stay on the 40mg Citalopram because she thinks I seem more stable on this (which, I have to agree with - things have been much easier recently (now they have kicked in) and I feel like I'm coping much better). In the mean time, she has referred me on to a pain management clinic so that they can have a look at the medication I'm on and see if there are any better options for me. I left feeling completely relieved because someone is actually doing something to help me! I can't believe in all this time it's taken a psychiatrist to point me in the direction of help with my pain! Anyway, now it's just a case of waiting to see what happens - the waiting list is pretty long apparently and they put the elderly and disabled first, so it may take a while.

I've been well and truly exhausted this week because, for once, I've actually been pretty busy! I went to see my someday sister-in-law on Wednesday and even though we just drank tea and chattered I was done in from it! Me and Danny had a little wander in town on Thursday and on Saturday I went to see Leicester Tigers beat Northampton Saints 36-8 at the rugby. I really didn't feel like going but I'm so glad I did. The game was brilliant and it was lovely to spend some time with my dad, brother and nephew.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but Danny is moving in to my house this week! Due to some changes at his house we thought it would be better for all for him to stay here permanently - since he's here almost every day anyway! So we've been trying to get my room sorted to fit him in and it's certainly taking a bit more effort than I originally thought! I have a lot of rubbish in this room and my eBay pile is reluctantly getting bigger and bigger! But it's all very exciting. We had hoped to be moving in to our own little house last year but obviously, when this all kicked off that dream had to be put on hold, but, still, living together in my parents house is far better than not living together at all! We went to Ikea on Friday to get a desk and that's now up, along with my room having had a switch around so it's all coming together slowly. This coming Saturday we are moving our bed over from Danny's house to here and then we should be just about sorted!

I've been a bit lost on my days this week since it's been Easter and everyone's been off work, hence why all my posts are a little back logged but I'm getting back to schedule now and in between sorting this room I'm trying to catch up on the old blog too as well as making some time for myself and getting some rest!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter anyway and got lots of lovely choccies as well as some quality time with your families!