Ugh. I've not had the best of weeks. I've been sat on this post for a few days because I've been feeling so rough and I knew I had to get something done today but I've just been sat here with a blank head. I thought I'd just update you all though on my week instead of escaping in to my ball of comfort... Which is where I'm off to in a bit!

I was ridiculously angry on Monday. I found out from the DWP (after I called them again) that I don't have to wait for any forms to arrive to make my appeal to them regarding them stopping my benefits. I can in fact just write them a letter. He checked the records of my phone call to them last week and the woman I had spoken to had signed the call off as 'no further actions required' - apparently she had sorted out everything on the line for me. I went mad at the poor chap on the other end of the phone but he explained everything so clearly that I apologised profusely! I only wish I had spoken to him a week ago instead of that stupid woman. So, on Wednesday, my appeal was sent off to them and now I can only wait with my fingers crossed. I couldn't have really written any more down for them and my letter ended up being 7 pages long with a copy of my report to support the comments. Plus, I don't think I mentioned it in my previous post, but my dad was so angry about the report that the DWP had sent me that he got straight on to our local MP and they said they would help. I spoke to her office on Friday and they are sending a back up letter in to support my case so I am really happy about that. Even they couldn't see how I had gotten zero points from the things I was saying. As soon as I hear anything I'll let you know but I know as soon as it goes in to appeal stage I should receive around £71 per week so at least that's something.

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and my mama came over to help me get there. I told the doctor how bad the pain had been since I had reduced my Tramadol dosage so I'm back on to my original dosage now of 150mg slow release twice daily and, although they have once again knocked me for six, the pain has been much easier to manage. In fact, I've found I've been sleeping a little better at night because I'm not aching quite as much. Today, however, is an all-the-painkillers-in-the-world type of day (insert sad face here)! She also wants me to remain on my higher dosage of Citalopram for another few months and I have to say, I think I'm finally seeing some benefits from them. I've still been upset about things but, whereas usually this time of the month would have me deep in my hole by now, I'm actually finding things easier to cope with... And I've not been able to say that it a long time. I also mentioned my twitching to the doctor because it's been gradually getting worse and worse recently. I have just assumed up until now that it is a side effect of my Tramadol but I have to go in for a blood test to check my calcium levels. I checked later on how calcium levels can affect the body and it can make you twitch if your levels are too high or too low. Well, it's definitely not going to be too high (!) but I just have to wait and see. But it has made me a little concerned. I'm starting to worry now that maybe some of the issues I'm having that I've just put down to endometriosis, could in fact be something completely different. Obviously though, looking at things on the internet always leads to you self diagnosing with cancer or some other deathly condition. I'm just going to keep an eye on my symptoms and keep my fingers crossed again that something is figured out so I can get rid of the twitches!

Another good thing is that I finally have an appointment for my liaison psychiatry which is this coming Thursday. Initially I was going to have to cancel it because it's a good 40-50 minutes drive away and there was no way I could get there, but luckily, Danny has this Thursday off with it being Easter, so I can now get there! Finally, I'm going to get some issues sorted out!

My period started on Wednesday - a week early - and I've been feeling really bad with it ever since. Today has been the worst though. Out of no where, the pain came on, aching down my legs and back and of course, my tummy. I'm just so exhausted with it all. I'm looking forward to a nice back rub later from Danny and I think that's all that's keeping me going today!

Apart from that, I've dyed my hair bright red, which I'm not 100% sure on yet, and then I've been planning out a few bits and bobs with Danny and working on the blog again. We spent last night with some friends also and that was lovely. Oh and the weather has been mental here this week! It has just turned to Spring and the UK has been covered in snow! But I was happy to get out in it a little, since I had missed it all last time it snowed!

One last thing, before I go and rest!... I hope you all read my "Bye Bye Google" post from this week, but if not, have a read and please head on over to Bloglovin' to follow EMLWY!