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Hello lovely people... I just want to give you a bit of a heads up on something I found out at the weekend. I know 50 of you wonderful people follow EMLWY via Google Reader and, well, this affects you lot.

Google announced last week that they are binning the Google Reader function (and potentially Google Friend Connect too), which is a bit of a bummer really. The service is being shut down on 1st July 2013 so I wanted to give you a bit of notice so you can carry on reading my posts!... Which I really hope you would all like to do!

There are still other ways to follow me, such as subscribing to EMLWY via email (just enter your email address in to the box on the right side of the blog and my posts should be delivered to your inbox). But, I'd really love it if all of you could hop on over to Bloglovin' and follow me there. You can categorise blogs into different groups and mark certain posts as read or unread so you never miss a post from your favourite bloggers. You can also then either read posts from the blogs you follow on the Bloglovin' website, app or have them emailed to you. It's a really great service and it's free so please check it out. All you have to do is click on the big Bloglovin' button on the left of the page. There is also a post here from Bloglovin' on how to import the blogs you follow with Google Reader to Bloglovin'. Very useful!

Other than those, you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook (although you won't be able to see exactly when a blog post goes up on them - though I do try to update them as often as possible), and hey, while we're at it, you can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

I've worked hard to get all of you beauties following EMLWY and I certainly don't want to lose you now! Your support really does mean the world to me and I love receiving emails and comments (even if I am the worst person in the world at replying... Something I am in the process of changing!).

Keep reading peeps... And hello to all you new readers who have started following the blog recently!

Muchos love!