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This is my last post pre-surgery folks! I'm nervous as hell, absolutely petrified and have been crying about it a lot. I wish I didn't have to go through this (again) but I'm trying to keep myself focused on the positive... In a few hours, I'm going to be fixed! I am, I am, I am!

I have a million and one things buzzing around my head. Will this work? What happens if it doesn't? What if it makes no difference at all? What if I cannot come out of my anaesthetic again like last time? Etc, etc, etc. Everything depends on this surgery and that's a lot of pressure and I'm scared in case I am still in pain afterwards. I'm scared of everything that comes after today. Not knowing what my future holds is difficult to cope with.

I've been in a bit of a state over the last week because I've been worrying so much about today. I've hidden myself away again because I didn't want to deal with anyone else's problems.

I just want to get today over and done with and then I can focus on getting back home.

Just one more thing before I go, my 'low residue diet' has gone well (apart from making my stomach ache like mad and making my starving hungry!) and has definitely been working (without going in to too much detail)! This is now my third day without food (I don't think you can count clear soup with no bits as food!) so I am very much looking forward to having a little something to eat in a few hours time!

So, here goes then. I'm off. Wish me luck and I'll try and get back on here as soon as possible to tell you all about how it's gone. I have a few posts scheduled for the rest of this week so keep an eye out and have a read of them. I'm also going to try and do a daily journal type series when I'm back so you can see what it's like to recover from a surgery... But we'll see how that one goes. I'm just going to concentrate on recovering first and foremost.

Right then.... Let's go. Cheerios kids!