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Well, well, well guys and gals, this is my last post of 2012! I was going to leave it until next year to update you on today but then I found this cute little picture which I decided must be put to use!

After all that's happened this year, it's been a tough one but the last few weeks have flown by - even though those were the few weeks I wanted to go slowly! I certainly won't be sad to say goodbye to this horrible year.

I had my pre-assessment this morning. It lasted 3.5 hours which is the longest one I've had to date. It seemed like I was being tested forever! But it's all done now. Everything was OK, apart from the Prof. had requested that I have my bowels prepped! He had mentioned after my last surgery that I was very constipated but that's all been down to my Tramadol. So, for the 3 days before my surgery I have to take two Senna 7.5mg twice a day and follow a special diet. On Saturday I am allowed a limited amount of food, all basics like white meat, fish, bread, pasta etc and a limited amount of milk. Sunday is the liquid diet day, so my meals have to consist of clear soups basically. But, Monday is going to be the killer! No food at all! I can have beverages though which includes cups of OXO gravy but apart from that it's black teas or coffee (no milk allowed), water, or fizzy pop. And then, of course, pre-op on Tuesday I now won't be able to have even a basic breakfast and can only have sips of water!... I'm going to waist away!!

So, that's it now. I am all prepped and ready for my operation. I even nipped in to town after getting out of hospital and bought some new baggy night wear and a snuggly new robe. I'm super, super nervous especially for the anaesthetic (after what happened last time) - really, I'm just looking forward to being allowed home so my mummy can look after me and I can be with Danny, my daddy-o and the pusskins. Then I can relax properly with all my creature comforts around me. Writing this now is making my stomach turn. I really am so frightened. I'm in good hands though and it's just for a few hours then I can concentrate on getting better. I will be OK and I just have to remember that this is going to fix me.

I'm off now anyway. I'm going to have a little disco nap before going out tonight and generally just laze around for the next few hours. I need it after the early start this morning and the fact we barely got any sleep last night due to Danny's weirdo neighbour doing his voodoo chanty things and running and jumping around at 04:00am... I'm not even joking!

Anyway, I said it before, but I hope you all have a super duper new years eve. Be careful kiddos and plan time for some rest before and after any celebrations.

2012 DONE.