If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed that me and Danny have been away for a few days to the 'Big Smoke' - London!

It was my birthday on Saturday, and to stop me spending it on my own in my bedroom, we decided to have a little holiday. We'd planned it months ago, while I still had plenty of redundancy pay left (!), and I'm so glad we we managed to do it because it was very much needed.

It was a huge thing for me, not only getting away, but carrying heavy baggage around and doing so much walking - especially since I was in a lot of pain with my period, but we had a fantastic time, sightseeing, eating out, theatre going and spending time together, away from problems.

I'm absolutely done in from it now, so I'm spending today watching films and doing a little blog work, but with it being Christmas next week I certainly have plenty to keep myself busy with!

Anyway, I better get cracking, but here are a few snaps of our time away in London... Enjoy!

Oh and apologies for the quality of the photos... I always use my iPhone camera for ease! I really must start using my 'proper' camera more often!