I haven't done much this week. I've not been feeling great the last few days. I've been absolutely exhausted again and getting a lot of tummy pains. My emotions have also been like a roller coaster and I've been finding it hard to keep my positivity. I think I just over-did it last weekend and it's really caught up on me.

My someday sister-in-law came over to see me on Monday so we had a good ol' gossip session over a selection of green teas and it was lovely. She brought me a beautiful harem jumpsuit too which I have been making full use of today - it's so comfortable!

I rested on Tuesday and Wednesday, apart from doing some cooking and working on my blog (which I seem to have gotten in to a lot!... I'm never off here at the moment!). I decided to watch One Day (again) and sure enough ended up in tears as per normal! I must be the most emotional person in the world when it comes to films. I am the only person I've ever known to cry at Terminator 2: Judgement Day!

Today, I've spent the day at Mama's house playing with next doors dog Jasper aka. Jazzy B. He is a Cocker Spaniel/Jack Russell cross and absolutely full of energy! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a photo of him that I posted not long ago. He is a complete and utter nutter but it's been lovely having him playing around and making us both laugh!

Mama has just put dinner on the table so I need to rush off now!