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I am feeling so poorly today. I haven't been sleeping properly recently and especially so the last two nights since my period started. I have been in hot flush city since yesterday afternoon and they have been coming constantly every few minutes since then. One minute I'm freezing cold, the next I'm on fire - it's so exhausting (and if you have hot flushes you will know exactly what I mean!). I woke up early this morning and decided to stay up so I could try and take my mind off feeling so bad but it's not worked. I am in pain, feeling intensely sick and in general just want to cry lots and huddle in to a ball. All in all, I want my mama to come and look after me.

Danny came round last night and brought me a big bunch of beautiful Lilies, some Rolo and Milky Bar yoghurty dessert things, crisps and lottery tickets. We didn't win anything but I was already happy enough with the flowers and Danny just being round. I am a girl of simple tastes - give me a packet of crisps and I'm yours!

Just one more thing, there is a list of links in the Endometriosis Library which should help anyone who is struggling with the disease or wanting more information on it. It's not always the same for everyone so reading as many different stories and experiences is a really good idea. If you have an endometriosis blog or know of a helpful website that I haven't linked, let me know.

I am going to spend today feeling sorry for myself now.

I'll probably speak to you again before the weekend is through, but if not, have a good weekend everyone... Has anyone got anything nice planned? It's a bank holiday over here in the UK - a whole 3 days off work (for those working obviously). (Hurrahs).