The weather is all over the place today. One minute it's absolutely pouring with rain, black sky, thunder and lightning and the next it's beautiful blue sky and sunshine! I wish it would make it's mind up. Typical British weather!

I'm making the most of it at this precise moment though and I'm sat on a bin bag (!) on the bench in the garden (because I don't want a wet bum!) and trying to finish Fifty Shades Darker by E L James. I know these books have very mixed reviews but I've enjoyed reading them. It's lovely sitting in the fresh air though, listening to the birds, with my two cats sat at my feet.

As you can maybe tell, I haven't got an awful lot to say. It's difficult when you don't leave the house or see anyone much. But (and I'm very excited about this!), tonight I'm off to my friends house for a girly night with pizza and a movie and then we have lots planned for the weekend so I'm looking forward to that a lot! My mum came round today too to keep me company. It must sound so sad that I get excited about just getting in to town or something for a few hours, but when you can't drive yourself around and be independent like you always have been, it really gets to you. I'm a little stir crazy today actually but I'm recovering from last weekends short walk and car boot still so stir crazy is all I have at the moment.

Anyway, I'm rambling for the sake of it now. I'll be back soon with another post for you all. I have a few things planned that I want to talk about but, in the mean time, if there is anything you would like to know about me, the blog, endometriosis or just life in general, then just leave me a comment below. I've also joined Twitter this week so if you want to follow me on there (and see more useless ramblings) then please do - the link is on the right.

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I'm off now because it's started raining... Blummin' weather!

Talk to you all soon.