Thursday, 29 December 2011

The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone

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I've had the date through for my bone density scan in January.

Since my last scan around 2 years ago I've been doing as much as possible to get my bones in good working order again. This has included upping my intake of dairy and iron rich foods, taking a calcium & vitamin D supplement daily and making sure I get lots of sunshine (which has been a little difficult to say the least since I live in the gloom of England!). I'm rubbish at exercising but I've even started going to some regular classes (minus a few weeks off over Christmas for some festive slobbage).

I'm hoping so badly that my bones will be stronger this time so that my options can be opened up once again.

Has anyone got any other tips on how to get my bones super strong?


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Hormones galore

I'm all set to start my next course of treatment now: the pill - while I still have my Mirena coil in place.

I have been given 3 packs of 21 tablets (as usually you would take a 7 day pill-free break at the end of each pack, but I've been advised to take them continually) and I just take one per day. If it works I'll have to go back and get some more to cover me up until I next see the Prof. in April.

Has anyone else ever tried this treatment before? I've tried various contraceptive pills now (none of which worked before) but maybe taken at the same time as having my coil in place might work. Hey, it might even stop my periods if I'm lucky.

I'm trying to be positive although I do feel almost like the Prof. has exhausted his options and is just grasping at straws now in the vain hope that something may someday work on me.

Here's to the next 3 months...


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Back to where it all began

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I saw the Prof. on Monday. I wanted so badly for him to say they had found a new amazing treatment that would cure my endometriosis. Or at least something that would actually work. Unfortunately, my visit didn't really conclude in the way I had hoped.

I went in and explained to him all of the problems I was having with the Mirena coil: How it was making me feel sick. How I had lost my libido. How bad my acne was again. How my moods were like a roller coaster. How bad my pain was. The response I got: "You're a complicated case".

He explained there weren't many options left. I can't have surgery because the scar tissue just makes my pain worse. I've tried the pill and the coil. I've tried hormone treatments. I've even tried for experimental treatments but since my bones are so weak I can't have that.

He now wants me to go back on to the contraceptive pill while I still have my coil in and see how that goes for the next 4 months. I asked him for another bone density scan since my last one was 2 years ago and he has agreed to that. I've been taking calcium supplements and have improved my diet since I found out about my osteopenia so I'm hoping this will have improved my bone density so I can try some new treatments. I'm hoping anyway.

But the worst thing he said is that in 4 months time, I'll be back on add-back therapy. My worst fear.

What hope is there if even my "specialist" hasn't a clue what to do with me.

I've tried all these things before and look where they've got me. Back here. Back to the beginning.

I feel like giving up.