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I've always hated how pretentious blogs can be, and yet I now find myself turning to them as a source of therapy. A way of venting my frustrations and sharing information on something that affects my body day in, day out.

I have endometriosis. There, I said it. It's out there for all to know.

I'm sat at work drinking a cup of tea trying not to wince at the pain I'm feeling at this very moment and yet it's my secret. No one in this room shares in this knowledge. I sit here silently and in pain.

My story is long and complicated and has no end... And, being my most positive self, I see no end in the future to the pain and sadness this disease brings with it.

I want this blog to be a safe place to release my feelings and help others to realise what endometriosis is.

And so, I will begin my story...