Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The people vs. Holly Hill.

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I've only just read about this, and I had to post immediately because I am so absolutely disgusted that in this day and age, there are still people women out there who are like this: disrespectful, unsupportive and in general, just total bitches.

Now, you know all about my ongoing battle with Endometriosis. My daily struggles with not only the pain of the disease but also the effects it has on my emotions. And I'm certain that the words I write here are also the struggles that every one of you reading this go through in some way or another.

But tonight I read a story that absolutely shocked me. And what was it for? Little more than PR. Well, well done Holly. Picking on something that you obviously know very little about.

Holly Hill is an Australian author, whose works include "Sugarbabe" and "Toyboy". She was interviewed on an Australian radio station, Nova 96.9, last Wednesday 30/11 and stated:

"Why should being with someone for the rest of your life be about crossing your legs and controlling urges? There's times in people's lives when they don't want to go into the bedroom, like if a lady has a baby or if she has endometriosis or if a man has a particularly stressful job, so if your partner is not 'in the mood' why on earth shouldn't the other person be able to still engage in those types of behaviours?"

Now, I'm all for people having their own opinions, and in some ways I can clearly understand Holly's point. It's something that runs through my head all the time. In fact, only a few nights ago, I broke down in front of the boy and told him he should be with someone else. I can't give him the future he deserves so why should I keep him here. But he's not chained to me. He is his own person. And he loves me, Endometriosis or not.

So why, as one of the countless women across the globe battling this disease, should I be discriminated against because sometimes I'm "not in the mood". It's not even a case of not being in the mood. It's a simple fact that I'm simply in too much pain to do anything. If I could, I would do it all the time. I love sex. There - it's out there for the whole world to read. I LOVE IT. But sometimes, it's just not possible.

Even writing this, the more angry I'm getting, the more I'm justifying in my head what Holly has said. There is nothing more I wish for than for my incredible boyfriend to be happy and if that involved another woman than so be it. But I certainly do not approve of women who know nothing about the disease we have to deal with, someone who has regularly been the mistress, to turn around and tell me that I deserve for my boyfriend to cheat on me. And I think that's the point... She implied that we (a collective of all sufferers) deserved it.

As insulted that I am by these insensitive comments, I was also disgusted by the retaliation of some people. Holly's Facebook page show's photographs of her and people are openly saying she deserves to have acid thrown at her amongst other insults. Ladies, I'm furious, but I'm also looking at this with a sensible head - no one deserves acid being thrown at them. And though Holly has made an uneducated mistake, I'm sure she has now learnt from this. Although I do believe it's a little too late for apologies.

Maybe a little thought would go a long way next time around.




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